Corporate Photography for the Business Woman

A few shots from some recent commissions showing women in a contemporary work setting where I shot some business profile portraits. With the need for a simple and effective portrait over a range of uses, from company website About Us pages to Social Media profiles, many clients have are sometimes unsure what type of shot to go for and what can be achieved in the photoshoot.

I suggest there are two simple approaches to the type of portraits - wither a office environment shot with the setting visible behind the sitter, or a clean and clean portraits agains a simple background.

Below the first set of photography showing women in an office environment and shot in the work place, thi_s_ gives a sense of business and professionalism and shows the sitter in their work location.

corporate and business profile portraits showing women in a professional setting

office based corporate photography

business women portraits

office location photography

There is also the option to have a simpler portrait with a clean background and just against a single colour. This can be used quite well if you wish to have a smaller and clean portraits. This can e done in a studio but also quiet easliy at an office location with the right equipment.

corporate photography and portraits against a clean and simple background

clean and simple background

clear corporate photography

At Filskifoto we supply a wide range of contemporary corporate photography for businesses and companies and profile portraits. Enhance your company website and portraits for social media profiles with some great photography.

Have a look at some more samples here and get in touch to discuss your photography options.

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For a guide to Corporate Photography and how to choose the shots you want, have a look at my Guide here

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